charlie milo

Amy took these when our little son turned one… we couldn’t love him more or thank you enough!!

the meme (mama) and de-ah de-ah (daddy)

picture perfect family – take II

We’re back with this adorable family again and their lovable Lab, Butters. We can’t believe it’s been a whole year since we have photographed this family and boy have the girls grown. Each developing their own adorable and unique personality. We always have so many laughs with this family! It means so much to us both when we are invited back year after to year to capture their family. Thank you, Crockers!

Amy & Mandee

structured kc


We are both kinda obsessed with a cozy scarf and let’s be real – next to a good pair of boots it’s one of the best parts of your Fall wardrobe. Recently, we had the privileged of doing a product shoot for the creator behind Structured, Antoinette Hanke. Her gorgeous collection of blanket scarves is a load of colorful cozy awesomeness! Yes, we’ve already snagged a few ourselves.

“To create scarves organically, inherently and tastefully with style and inspiration.”

It’s pretty obvious Antoinette nailed that company motto. She is a beautiful and classy business woman, who’s great style is reflected in the endless colors, patterns and style inspiration of her collection. We have to add that even though our photo shoot was on a day way to warm for a scarf her beautiful models rocked it like pros… we on the other hand were a sweaty mess. Ha!


We love supporting our local Kansas City businesses and hope you’ll get wrapped up in some Structured this Fall!

Amy & Mandee

let’s go … Royals!!!!

We love us some Royals baseball and so does the Thelen family!! This is hands-down one of our favorite sessions of the year… hmm… are you wondering why?!? First, they were super fun to follow around like paparazzi at the “K“! The ‘lil buddies didn’t even really notice we were there, especially when they found the ice cream. Second, beer and hot dogs baby – need we say more!! Third, WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!

We are so excited that you have such fun pictures to remember such an amazing year for our hometown of KC! #kcroyals

Amy & Mandee