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After having photographed his big brother, Harley, last year in the KC River Market we were so happy for him to have his own v.i.p shoot. We love when kids want to have their picture taken. Big blues eyes, sweet curls and a speckle of freckles…all make for a melt your heart Blaize Malone. Boy did we melt too! Yes, the 100+ degree weather didn’t help but Blaize was a rock star. Seriously, what kid wants to be photographed in this brutal heat wave and does it without complaining? We saw no signs in the weather forecast of relief, so with his mama’s blessing we forged ahead. Honestly, with Blaize’s casual cool disposition, you would never have know we were all sweating our little hinies off! Come on, with a name like Blaize Malone you know he’s one cool dude, eat your heart out girls.

Amy and Mandee

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  1. Kelsey {Anderson July 29, 2011 at 11:04 pm #

    He is too cute! Such great captures!

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