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I have only been waiting a whole year for this! Finally, this month I got to take a little road trip on up to Chicago with my girlfriends for the Audrey Woulard workshop. If you are unfamiliar with her fabulous work as Chicago’s top children’s photographer, then you must check it out here.

This was my first workshop and I couldn’t believe how nervous I was on the first day. Suddenly those childhood feelings of tummy-jitters and hoping everyone likes you on the first day of school came flooding back.

However, that all soon melted away. Audrey was so incredibly kind, approachable and down right funny. The small workshop group of 16 wonderful women from all ranges of photography experience was awesome! Bottomline, was the Audrey Woulard workshop worth it? Hands down YES…keep reading.

This workshop was exactly what I needed. Audrey’s workshop left me feeling so enlightened and quite honestly, liberated. Liberated from all the stuff we are constantly hounded from by the photography industry. She seeing things differently, does things differently – with no apology. It’s working well for her indeed!

I didn’t get to shoot as much as I would have liked to with our little models, as I was enamored with listening to every word Audrey said and engaging with the other women. Here are few of the shots I did get.

I also want to mention that I highly recommend Audrey Woulard’s book, Natural Enlightenment, about her approach to photographing children in natural light. It really is “enlightening” folks.

Thank you to Audrey and all the wonderful gals I met at the workshop for making it such an amazing experience.


Here is a little behind the scenes shot of Audrey working her photo-magic.

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  1. susan dewenter October 26, 2011 at 5:51 pm #

    Great post Amy! I love your photos – boy does Lola ever look like her mom in that first photo! I wish I had taken more “pull back” shots – i would love one of everyone trying to get photos of Summer, etc.

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