love muffins | andy & sophia – part one

We all know a couple in our lives that is just so darn fun to be around. Their energy draws you to them. You just know you will be laughing so hard you’ll be crying.

For us, that’s our dear friends, Andy and Sophia (affectionately nicked name “Soph-a”). We have known them for a long time. Way back when they were just two young love birds…well let’s be for real they’re still young and still totally in love.

What’s even more special about this fun, loving couple? In just a few months they’ll be celebrating their 10th year anniversary!! Wahoo! We feel so honored they wanted us to capture this special milestone in their lives. For this natural and great outdoor session, we choose the Saeger Woods Conversation Area in Kansas City, MO.

While we are over the moon with their session posted here, you’ll notice this is only “part-one” folks. Stay tuned for part two – because we promise, it will sizzle. Oh yeah!

Happy 10th Anniversary – Andy and Sophia!

Amy and Mandee

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