mini muffins | stella & rafe

Kelly called us up wanting natural…playful…real pictures of her two “muffins” (okay, she didn’t say muffins… but you know what we mean). Which is what we LOVE to do! Capturing children in their own little worlds and those fleeting moments of childhood; reading their favorite books, playing in the leaves and on their swings…doing all the things that make them so darn loveable.

Introduce: Stella and Rafe.

Two of the feistiest siblings you will ever meet. Seriously, they kept us rolling the entire time. Their favorite past-time together is when Stella reads to Rafe. It is in this moment that suddenly the “pesky little brother” syndrome disappears and the two just melt into a sweet moment of sibling bonding. We have to mention Stella has got some mad reading skills for her seven years. Too cute!

Thank you so much for welcoming us into your super rad home and for letting us have fun with your dynamic-duo!

Amy & Mandee

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