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Our little disclosure first. We are in no way trying to imply these photos are “professional” in fact, several were taken on our little point n’ shoot cameras that we both have. However, this isn’t about the equipment that was used or even how “technically correct” these images are or are not. It’s about what draws us to a scene – the picture we in turn try to capture, so we can remember it forever as we saw it with our eyes.

When Mandee and I started talking about sharing pictures that reflect “us”, our goal was to let you learn more about us personally. We also wanted to get you thinking about the images you’ve taken that evoke feelings when you view them. While we all have loads of snap-shots, there are certain pictures in our collections or on our hard-drives that will always make us feel something – even if we’ve seen them a hundred times.

Interestingly enough, we learned something about ourselves and each other doing this post. Mandee’s free-spirited and fun loving personality is drawn to mother nature’s beautiful landscapes. I kid you not – this girl will slam on the brakes and pull off the highway to capture a sunset. Me, a sunset, meh…make it an old barn or rusty structure and I might think about pulling over for it. Probably not though, I’m much too paranoid that I’ll get hit or something. I miss a lot of great shots because I don’t take the time to just pull over or just hang out of the window and capture them. So there – Mandee has taught me something….slow down and enjoy the sunset. We learned from my images that I’m clearly drawn toward architecture, structures and lines. This sort of matches my more serious, technical and less-spontaneous personality. Be that as it may, it’s really interesting that we’ve learned more about what we like to capture and how we really do find ourselves in our photos.

So what do your photos say about you?

Last year my hubby, Chris and I took our first “real” vacation together, which consisted of a long road trip. One stop was this breath-taking national park (totally forgot the name) in Arkansas. I guess these two little red canoes just made me feel peaceful sitting there floating in the water. Weird, well you know whatever “floats your boat“.

This peacock house overlooking Pleasant Hill Lakes is near my in-laws home. I love walking down there anytime we visit. While the peacocks aren’t out year around (their pretty little feathers would freeze right off), it’s just a gorgeous scene that I never get tired of looking at.

Boston is hands down one of my favorite cities! I love the architecture. I love the foods, the shops, the streets – everything! If you’ve never been, I can’t recommend it enough. Mandee and I hope to make it there together soon; she’s never been. I’m smelling a girls trip in our future!

Aaah! Chicago! Come one, how could you ever get tired of this city! I’ve been several times. You will always find something different to do, different place to eat (uh-mazing restaurants) and sites you somehow missed the last time you there. My only sad moment…I never saw Oprah in Chicago and now she’s not there anymore. Boo.

Girls trip to Herman, Missouri wine country – oh yeah, that was some fun stuff! This is a really pretty town with a lot of German history. This was a fabulous view out our cottage window, even greys skies couldn’t dampen that view.

Boston again! Nuff. Said. (Read above, folks)

So that’s a bit of “me” pictures – thanks for following along if you made it this far. Now you have to check out Mandee’s awesome landscapes and yeah, there’s a sunset.

The one thing I love about life is that the most special moments, as we all know, are free. I love pictures that take you somewhere. That make you feel the breeze on your face, the smell of the air, the glow of the sun, the sound of the trees… yadda… yadda… yadda. I just like to be there living it to the most and I like to have the pictures to remember it by. Here are a few of my favs and how they make me feel or what they make me think… I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for getting to know me a bit better and I really have to thank Amy. She has really helped me take my skillz to a whole new level. I might have an eye for the moment, but capturing it professionally is the name of our game. Sure – we get up in each other’s grills from time-to-time, but we continue to learn more about ourselves and each other. We’re a photography duo made in heaven!

– Mandee

The “I want to be there again so bad” beach bed picture was taken on our last trip in August to the Dominican Republic. We lounged there the whole day just watching the waves come in. Okay, with a cold beer in hand that made it even better.

The drive by tree was taken in Colorado. I love how you feel the movement of the main tree. I see that picture and I can still smell the Colorado air on my face as we drive down the mountain side with the window opening snapping away.

This one of the “mountain refection” was taken in Estes Park, Colorado on a crazy fun girls trip. Cocktails and Cabins… good food and scrabble. Can we go again???

Who doesn’t love a beautiful beach or sunset?? This one of the palm trees dancing on the sand was taken on our 5th Anniversary trip to Hawaii. I think it was the funniest trip of my life. I mean near death experiences on rented mopeds 20 miles from nowhere. Who doesn’t love that? Good thing the views were killer!

That darn cluster of trees on the hill of Stateline and College Blvd mesmerizes me all the time. I whip my little Honda Fit in on that side street and snap away. That is one of my all time favorites of them. They make me feel like they are dancing or like they could tell me a good story. I can only imagine all that has passed them by. I think people are kind of like trees. All different, but all so similar. They are all like sculptures of art if you think about it. What would this beautiful blue planet look like without trees?

Holy moly this sunset lake picture is from a weekend trip James and I took to Beaver Lake, Arkansas. What a time that was. We cruised on down the back-roads in a rented 2011 Mercury Grand Marquis (long story) like two eighty year-olds with nothing better to do. We saw the funniest, tackiest, honestly weirdest street parade in town that weekend. What a fun time!


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