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Darla. Darla Sue. Darlie Baby. Darlie Boo-boo. Sweet Darlie Baby. Yeah, she answers to them all in that obnoxious baby voice I use to talk to her. At least, my husband tells me it is totally annoying. You know that sweet wittle honey cutie wootie pie pie voice – you use on your own bundles of joy (the human kind, not the furry ones)? Honestly, I don’t mean too it just comes out.

My sweet little Darlie poo, (see what I mean) came to us from an animal rescue mission two years ago. At the time she was about two years old and one scared, super shy little girl. While she’s still not the most out going, she has warmed up to people more and feels quite comfortable in her home. She has also glued herself to me…follows me everywhere. If she isn’t sitting on my lap, she’s whining to sit on my lap. I always joke if I could just carry her around in one of those baby Bjorn she’d be so happy. For the record, I’m totally joking. I wouldn’t actually do that. Um…weird.

I just thought it would be fun to share a few picture of my little girl with you. After all, who doesn’t love cute puppy faces!


…and this look means, “will you stop taking my picture and take me outside.” So I do, after all what my fury-baby wants, she gets.

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