love muffins | ian + mary

College days. Spring break. Young love. All those moments in life that our memories are made of – often for us older ones, referred to as the “good ol’ days”. Yeah, you might recall it, when things were fresh and new, life is laid out before you. You got one toe in the real world trying to start out on your own and yet, still have the blissfulness of not quite being totally one your own. Well – meet Ian and Mary, two love-birds on spring break from Pittsburgh State University. Go Gorillas! So how cool is it Ian and Mary, both sophomores, wanted a little session in honor of their one year anniversary “dating”. Awww! Oh my goodness, we adore how sweet these two are and their cute little glances at each other. So cute, right!

Ian and Mary – we hope you have a super fun spring break and summer (right around the corner). Hey, keeps us in mind if you two tie the knot (wink, wink) – after college that is.

Amy & Mandee

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