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Check out Stephanie! She is my drop-dead gorgeous cousin, who actually feels more like a sister to me. She has this ridiculously awesome curly hair that makes strangers walk up to her to pet it. Yeah, it’s creepy, but it happens a lot. In her sweet way she stays completely oblivious to all of the double-takes, head turns, hoops and hollers that come her way. Most would see her as shy and serious, but really, she’s none of that! She’s goofy, silly and when we’re together it’s like we never grew up. We’re thirty somethings (um, yes that’s right) who still cut-up, laugh and act totally cooky together just like when we were kids. You got to love a friendship like that.

Recently, I got to spend time with her during my visit back east. No matter how much time goes between visits, it always like we just saw each other yesterday. We just pick up right where we left off, that’s the beauty of family and real friendships. So of course, I wasn’t going to let this visit go by without getting a little session out of her. I can’t say she was the most willing participant, ah-hum, but I didn’t really give her an option. LOL! Yeah, we’re good like that, bossing each other around. Good times. So while she might totally want to flick me for posting some of these (sorry, Stephie) – as you can see she is sooo gorgeous that I had to share them! Enjoy my friends.

Love you Stephie!


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