furry muffins | simon the dog + little “o”

Meet Simon (aka Simon-the-dog & S-T-D) and Olive (aka little “O”) … my furry, fuzzy, fluffy, and F-U-N niece and nephew. Simon-the-dog has been in the fam for quite sometime and little-O is a rather new edition. They are the cutest little odd couple. Simon with his laid back lifestyle and Olive’s little zippy personality sure make for a fun combination. We are so happy that Sam (aka Spam) and Aim (aka Lamie, Lamie Reid) have them. They are real dog lovers and plan to deck-the-walls with their two fur babies! ENJOY!!!

Mandee (aka Big Pandee…long story) + Amy (aka 00P…long story)
(FYI: We love nicknames and parentheses.)

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