mini muffins | lucy, kate and fritz – take 2

Wowza, what a time we had trying to capture the cuteness of these three. It was hot and the wardrobe situation made for a BIG meltdown, but hey we all survived. In the end we captured what we loved the most about “the muffins”. They cry, they laugh, they play, they fight and best of all … they smile… sometimes even when we ask them too. Especially, when we turn sticks found in the yard into antennas to channel Mars. Then, they get to hear Mandee (the worst singer in the world) singing in Mar-shin. Wow… we are a “G-double-O-D” team. We can even turn “sour little lemon muffins” into “sweet lemonade” and give their parents pictures that we hope they will always love (and might laugh at… remembering the meltdowns).

Amy & Mandee

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