personal | girlfriends + wine… yes please!

Okay, so our super duper cute friend Jessica was in town from sunny San Diego. We (well, Carrie) planned a fun day for us ladies to take the train to Hermann to tour wineries. As any normal beautiful blonde would do, she waited until the day before to book the tickets. Good thing one of us figured out that the train didn’t come back until the next day! Smooth Carebear. We then had to come up with plan B and off to Weston for a good ole taste of Northern “Missour-a” wine. Well, let’s just say we were happy we had a delightful breakfast at Succotash (thanks to Sofa’s suggestion) before we headed out of town. The wine in this Midwest country is nothing like California has to offer. Sorry Jess. Needless to say, we had fun anyway. Having such awesome friends is a gift. We love you all.

Amy & Mandee

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