love muffins | masay, chieko + rescue ricky

When I realized that my friend Jessica was going to Costa Rica to see our friend Chieko I jumped at the chance. What a time we had! The coolest part of our vaca was getting to spend time with Chieko (who I hadn’t seen in 6 years) and her surfing, sushi making husband Masay (who I hadn’t met). They are Japanese transplants who are there to support an English language group teaching bible truths to all the English speaking locals and transplants. Not only do they speak Japanese, English and Chinese… they are now learning Spanish. How awesome is that. Jealous!

Okay, so I also must mention that they really rescued Ricky “the rescue dog“. Cheeks, as I call her, taught him to rescue her in their pool. Now, when she fakes drowning he really rescues her as you can see below. It was “SOOOO CUTE“. What a wonderful adventurous way to live – all to help others. It was one of the best weeks of my life. More pics to come.


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