guehne made… at home

Wendy and Nick the dynamic-duo of Guehne-Made are gracing our blog again. This time we got up-close and personal for a very special anniversary session. They are the perfect mix of country and glam in the “big” town of Cleveland, MO-YO, population 600 for real-yo! We had this city girl climbing fences for the first time and we even walked down the gravel road a half a mile away. Who would have thought … it’s always an adventure with us. On a serious note, we love your house, we love your hair, we love your smiles and we will think about liking your little dog too. Hehe! Next time we will bring her Cesar Millan. #mrspb

Thank you for the wonderful time. We enjoyed the wine, the laughs and your willingness to cooperate with our big ideas! The two of you were MADE for each other.

Amy & Mandee

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