family in town

Summer isn’t summer unless you have a wonderful weekend with all the family in town. All the memories made from backyard BBQing, a great game of golf and all the bedding in every room. Yeah, it’a always a blast for the kiddos and a time to catch up for all the parents and grandparents. That was what this session was all about. Everyone was here in KC for a fun filled weekend with the fam. When we rolled in everyone was ready and waiting and enjoying a “cocktail hour” to knock the edge off. We all have someone in our family who hates having their picture taken, right?!? Well, it’s always works out when we bust out our cameras and start snapping and the “one in charge” starts delegating ideas. Yup, that’s family alright. We loved how these pictures turned out!!! From the cute kiddos to the coolest grandpa ever bouncing on the trampoline. We hope you all love them for years to come as well.

Thanks for all the good laughs!!!

Amy & Mandee

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