the charlie bump and a ladies lunch

Where does a girl begin?? First of all, I know our website is usually all about the business, but this being our first bouncing baby boy we are all a little excited… James and I for sure… and Amy too. Seeing as we are like sisters, as you can read in her blog below. WOW, what an awesome friend I have! Having such a loving, generous and considerate friend is really a gift from above. So is the gift of my having my sweet Jamezie, the love we’ve shared and the challenges we’ve face together over the last ten years proves one thing – “love never fails” (1 Corinthians 13:8). I can’t imagine anyone being a better daddy to my little Charlie. He is such a tender and sweet husband, that I know he’ll be such an amazing daddy. He just wants to snuggle his little buddy and take him to the park to play. Charlie will be here any second and we are so excited! I can’t wait to see him hold our son for the first time. I know my heart will be melted into a million pieces and all the anxiety and fears I had about being a mommy will melt away … why … because I know now that I will always have two hands to hold… one that I need and one that needs me.

It’s been quite an adventure this getting ready to be parents. James and I can’t thank everyone enough for all of the LOVE and SUPPORT! The pictures from the “ladies lunch” are of a shower that my “client’s” threw me. Okay, to many of whom we feel more like family… speaking for myself of course. I can’t tell you enough what it meant to me that you each took time out for me and my Charlie. Through the years of working for all of you I have come to have such a special spot in my life for each of you. I love your kids, your pets, (Okay, most of them – sorry, I can’t lie.) your parents, your homes but mostly I love that you trust me and care about me and my little family too!


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