meadow’s country baby shower

YEE HAW… Dan and Kim are going to be Daddy and Mommy to sweet baby Meadow. How cute is that name!?! They came up with it while riding around their beautiful acreage on a good ol’ tractor… all the while they were drumming up whispery, earthy baby girl names. When one mentioned “Meadow” they both knew – DING DING – we have a winner. That is a pretty special memory right there.

Her shower couldn’t have been better, from puppies to pony rides, caramel apples and a bonfire to boot, this baby shower was as classy as country gets! We loved it!!! We know you two will be ah-mazing parents to your sweet little bundle of LOVE. We are excited to watch her grow… like the colorful wild flowers that fill your meadow…

Amy & Mandee

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