coasted to the rica…

Well, it’s not everyday that your adorable blonde friend from sunny San Diego is in KC on a cold winter day and then invites you to go on a girl’s trip to Coasta Rica to see a mutual friend… in just 5 weeks that is. Then, it’s not everyday that your wonderful hubster thinks it’s a great idea! Sometimes things just workout.

This was really such a wonderful trip. I am so sad that it’s taken me almost two years to crank out a blog with the pictures to prove it. We met wonderful new friends enjoyed the volunteer work that we both share in. Chilled at beautiful beaches… Dove into waterfalls… Enjoyed mud baths and hot springs… Road tripped across the country with a paper written map… Got lost and ended up horseback riding into a cloud forest with Nacho and Lider… good thing we had Jess’s brother Larry with us at that point… Stumbled on some of the most beautiful horses and cows in the cool mist… Pretty much had a blast!!! I love you Jess and am so happy you offered an invite. We could go anywhere together and have fun.

Now that life will always be different with my little Charlie, I am so happy I took the opportunity for a great adventure. Now, to just get back with Jamzie and the little guy!!! Oh, how much fun will that be!


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