the graduate

Yep, it’s true, this handsome kid graduated. He is my darling nephew Ethan and has been his laid back, chilled out, skateboarding self since he was just a little guy. However, he is now one of the most genuine kids I’ve ever been around. He is truly kind and considerate to everyone around him… from his little brothers to his dear grandparents. He is also hilarious and will amuse you with his constant dry wit!! I will never forget when you told me I must be getting old because “I sleep uncomfortable”!! He is also one hard worker and will do anything to help you get the job done. Like when you got stuck painting my entire walkin closet white – at least I paid you for that!! You are such a diamond is this world… Keep on shining kid!!!

I love being a spectator on your life’s journey… for forever!! I hope my lil’ bear turns out to be like you…

auntie mandee

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