clancy & tilly

We love our furry friends at Bright Umbrella. It’s always fun when families include their pets in photo sessions, as any pet owner knows they really are part of the family. Then we do sessions when it’s all about our four legged friends (or furry babies as we affectionately call them). Here we have the distinguished and mature Wheaten, Clancy and his much younger and very rambunctious sister, Tilly. These two are totally spoiled by their human, as they should be. It’s pretty entertaining watching these two play… or Tilly torment Clancy with her endless energy. However, as you can see from the very first picture below Tilly really looks up to her big brother. That look of you’re the best big brother ever, whoof!

Amy & Mandee

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  1. Kim October 5, 2015 at 9:59 am #

    These pictures mean the world to me. Thank you for capturing their energy, playfulness and for showing the love they have for each other. Thinking back on that crazy morning, I really dont know how you did it!!!

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