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senior session | morgan

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senior session | katie

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these are the days…

Spending time with our grandparents has always been a priority for my husband, Christopher and I. We cherish their wisdom, their memories and enjoy their sense of humor. Recently, we had the opportunity to spend the entire weekend with my husband’s grandparents. We adore these two. They are affectionately known as Tender and Precious, to each other and their family. It doesn’t get any sweeter than that! They are such a classy couple. The kind of couple who worked hard, had a simple life but certainly knew how to enjoy it, especially when it came to vacations. Being that they are quite the seasoned travelers, they have endless projector slides, pictures and of course, the stories to share from all their many years of fun trips. They constantly remind Chris and I how we should always put a few dollars away from each paycheck to save for that vacation. I can’t say we’re very good at taking vacations at all…but I vicariously live through their memories and enjoy every minute.

Christopher and his grandpa have a shared fondness and past-time for baseball games. So it was only fitting we spent a lot of the weekend watching the Kansas City Royals beat-out the Chicago Cubs. I love seeing these two together – there is such a real joy they have spending time with each other.

I am reminded how important it is to enjoy the little things in life, because one day you will look back, and realize they were the big things. With our grandparents, these are the days, when their health is declining and we must be present to cherish every moment with them.


the graduate

Yep, it’s true, this handsome kid graduated. He is my darling nephew Ethan and has been his laid back, chilled out, skateboarding self since he was just a little guy. However, he is now one of the most genuine kids I’ve ever been around. He is truly kind and considerate to everyone around him… from his little brothers to his dear grandparents. He is also hilarious and will amuse you with his constant dry wit!! I will never forget when you told me I must be getting old because “I sleep uncomfortable”!! He is also one hard worker and will do anything to help you get the job done. Like when you got stuck painting my entire walkin closet white – at least I paid you for that!! You are such a diamond is this world… Keep on shining kid!!!

I love being a spectator on your life’s journey… for forever!! I hope my lil’ bear turns out to be like you…

auntie mandee