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smith wedding

If you’d like to see more of this amazing wedding, the beautiful bride shared many more of the photos on her website here.

 smithwedding-03 smithwedding-08 smithwedding-09 smithwedding-10 smithwedding-04 smithwedding-07 smithwedding-06 smithwedding-11 smithwedding-02 smithwedding-12 smithwedding-05 smithwedding-13

kc union station | family session

elise-10 elise-08 elise-09 elise-07 elise-06 elise-04 elise-05 elise-03 elise-02

senior session | katie

katie-02 katie-03 katie-10 katie-09 katie-08 katie-07 katie-06 katie-11 katie-04